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I’d rather pin him on my bed, not the wall

Early this month, Bel Ami put out another of their famous “pin ups” and ya know, at first I wasn’t overly excited by Val Feretti.  But he’s kind of grown on me.
Taking a closer look at his pictures, he is a typical Bel Ami boy. I mean he’s got a nice body to him, not …

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Now He Is Cute, Spike Hair and All

Frankly this is the whole problem with Porn today. It just isn’t consistent enough in the type of guys they showcase.  I mean Blake Mason has some awesome guys, and then it has the likes of Max Moore and Trey Mathews.  David Johnson is one of those awesome types, and for a hip dude, he’s …

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Flip Flop Sucking and Fucking

The story goes like this, these two guys ( Max and Trey ) got the hots for each other.  Now that does make sense, they aren’t what I’d throw back into the pond, if you know what I mean.  Honestly, they are keepers.

All right, I’ll recant that.  if they weren’t both uncut, and good at …

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Lots of Foreskin to Stretch with Jasper

Short and right to the point, Jasper Ronski  ( yes, another Polish model from Fantastic Foreskin ) has a lot of foreskin, that just is perfect for some playful stretching.

So being rather perverse, have you ever pulled on a guy’s foreskin, stretching it way out and down, to see just how far it’ll stretch?   Honestly, …

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Sexy Uncut Twenty Year Old Uncut Brit

Honestly, sometimes when you just see or hear the name of a guy, your interest is suddenly heightened.  Like for me, seeing the name “Callum” got me curious.  I can’t explain it, but damn, it made me want to open up the promo content to take a gander, and ya know, I am glad I …

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