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Long haired, uncut, and damn sexy looking

Just staring at him, has me stiff as a fucking steel rod.
I mean I adore men with nice flowing long hair, and a long muscled body.  Even that tattoo doesn’t disappoint me, and look at those nice long legs of his.  Can’t you just imagine them wrapped around your body?
Perhaps I should start making my …

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He is cute but cut, but his buddy is uncut

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Now I like uncut dicks, and Trey (one on the right) has a nice 8 inch uncut dick, while his buddy Reece has 7½ inches, but he is cut.  Yet for me, Trey looks too angry, but Reece has a cuteness about him, that sort …

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Foreskin is a built in Sex Toy

He may not look like a twink, but he does certainly capture my attention.
I don’t think there is one thing specially that does, though if I was hard pressed, I’d say that face, that look got me at first. Then too there is that body of his. I mean it is rather well built.  Kind …

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Gourmet Cooking in the Bel Ami Kitchen

I do love a bit of morning fun in the kitchen, unlike Seymour, I love having someone to get rid of my morning wood.  After all, isn’t Breakfast the most important meal of the day?  LOL
Now I don’t know if these two horny Bel Ami boys are there in the morning or afternoon, but …

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Damn He’s Gotten Better Looking

Billy Cotton grows on a guy, but that Adam Archuleta certainly has toned up quite a bit since I last saw any pictures of him. I mean he’s really toned his body up and no longer has that puffy look to him.  It even looks like he’s grown a bit taller.
More importantly, that new svelte …

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