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Fresh Squeezed OJ and Cock

I have heard of covering yourself in Chocolate, or even Peanut Butter, but in freshly squeezed Orange Juice?  That is a new one for me, but damn, it does look rather sexy.
Now it does help if the guy is rather cute, and Micael Bisik is kind of cute.  I’d like to see him in longer …

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Such Lovely Foreskin

I wish that other sites, featuring Uncut Cocks, would pay more attention to the foreskin.  Even my favorite Bel Ami doesn’t really show a lot of foreskin fun, before the hot sex begins.  A shame really, because part of the whole fantasy is being able to start at the beginning.
Myself, I love the way foreskin …

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They Are Getting Buffer | Harris and Dolph

The Pin Up series is something I look forward to.
Okay I’ll admit it, I am a fan of Bel Ami boys, but then, why the fuck not?
These guys are hot, plus they are far from being boring.
Way too many porn sites show the same action, in the same boring set. Least with Bel Ami you …

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