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Tasty Looking Penis

Who wouldn’t enjoy staring down at that lovely uncut penis?
Okay, maybe it would be better to be staring up at it?  While you are on your knees, getting ready to not just look at it, but gobble it up?  ( Damn I am such a perv at times. LOL )

You gotta admit it, from any …

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What makes him so damn desirable

It seems this little hottie has a few of my friends drooling the second they see his name in a release email.   Personally, I can understand being smitten by him, because he is damn cute.  Exactly the type I do enjoy, and you know, he is the total package, when it comes to dream material.
Now …

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Dreaming of Ripped Muscles and a Big Boner

I do enjoy the Pin Up series from Bel Ami Online.
Not only do they show some rather hot guys, but you get to see them as if you were privy to a private strip show. You know, the kind you have to pay big bucks for at some club.
This is Rene, and he’s got some …

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Teaching Paul How To Suck a Cock

Back in early 2011, Paul Mekas got his shot at becoming a Bel Ami boy.   Now he is becoming rather popular on the site, after some expert training.   Like on just how you can enjoy sucking on a huge uncut cock, without choking.   Hey, we all gotta learn, and if people are coughing up $35 …

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I’ll take the house if they come with it

Ah to be rich and able to afford a house like this.
Course, I’d quickly sign the purchase agreement, if it included these two hunks from Bel Ami.  ( Brady Jensen and Dario Dolce )
Sounds like a broken record, but it isn’t just that these guys turn me on. It is how they are profiled, in …

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