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Just Dive On In

Not only are Bel Ami boys handsome, but they love to treat their visitors right. Like Dolph Lambert who takes his two Yankee visitors ( Mick Lovell and Alex Waters ) to the local water park, then back to his place, for some bonding.
I do like young men that are polite, don’t you?
Besides, once you …

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Are They Twinks or Something More

The more I look at the updates from Bel Ami, the more conflicted I become, because I refer to them as Twinks and honestly, they really just don’t seem to fit that description.
Yes, I like them, but can I call them Twinks?
To me the word “Twinks” conjures up some skinny pimply faced eighteen to twenty …

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Making Out among the Trees

I am a sucker for hot young guys, who do it outside.
Add in a nice fat juicy uncut cock, lots of sun, and I am ready to rub one out.
Hey, I love seeing something natural, like sex among twinks, done outside, in Nature.   I mean it just adds so much to my fantasy dreams, that …

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Lick My Ear Too

Chalk up another reason why Bel Ami boys get me so fucking horny.
Honestly, sex isn’t just sucking, fucking. There is more to it, and if you aren’t there, well you need something other than pretty looks to get me horny.  Call it old age, call it being jaded, but fuck, I like to be turned …

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Let’s Vacation Together

Cape Town is beautiful, but then, anywhere that has some horny Bel Ami boys is gonna be beautiful.
I’d certainly book a vacation with these two hunks, Harris Hilton & Julien Hussey.  Gotta admit though, Julien just isn’t quite what I am into, but Harris, well that’s a different story.
He’s gotten a bit leaner, and yet, …

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