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Foreskin Friday | Florian and Jean Daniel

I do love that pool.   When I win the lottery, you can bet I am gonna have myself a beautiful home, with a lovely pool just like Florian & Jean Daniel are bathing in.
Course I will have my home well stocked with tasty nubile flesh, just like them.   Heck, maybe I’ll even make an …

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A Beautiful Uncut Penis

Doesn’t that just say it all?
I mean for us who love a tasty uncut cock, Robert Chalmers certainly knows how to feed our needs. Soon as I opened this package, my hand was off reaching for the lube bottle.   No shit, the pictures of Cole Mathews uncut penis would burn out my pacemaker, if I …

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Foreskin Friday | It Started on the Beach

I wish Summer would get here soon.
Nothing like sitting back on a nice sunny day, the water lapping at the shore, and sexy young shirtless men in shorts, running across the sand.
It just makes me sigh, wishing I was young enough to attract a hot young partner, and we could go strolling across the sandy …

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Foreskin Friday | Jack and Roger

Comparing Uncut Cocks | Jack Harrer and Roger Lambert
What is better than two uncut cocks?
Why Two GIANT SIZED uncut cocks, like the lovely penises from Jack Harrer and Roger Lambert.
Hey, I love my Bel Ami boys, but I really do love a big pecker too, as long as it is uncut.
When Jack first showed up …

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I Love Spurting Cum

Jim Collins and Gaelan Binoche
Okay, call it a quirk if you want, but I fucking enjoying watching a guy blow his load.  Especially if he’s cute and his jizz spurts out, not dribbles.
I love flying cum.
And yes, I do try to catch it with my mouth wide open.  I love the taste of cum too, …

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