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Ninteen Year Old Innocent That Isnt | Foreskin Friday

Get Dominated by Ash Williams
Blake says he has a sweet and innocent look.
Now I have had my share that look sweet & innocent, and yet when I look at that picture of nineteen year old Ash Williams,  I see a sexy young man who knows exactly what he wants, and how to get it.
Yeah, he’s …

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Nice Thick Penis | Scott Alexander

Now that is a look I enjoy.
You can see the five o’clock shadow on that jaw, the way his lips are set, with a slight curl to them, and damn, those eyes just seem to bore right through a guy.  I mean even that necklace around that lovely throat just adds to his Sexuality.
I do …

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Foreskin Friday | Attack of the Thick Penises

Big Uncut Cocks
Ooh, more bareback fun from my favorite Porn outfit, Bel Ami.
This time big dicked Manuel Rios meets up with Ennio Guardi.  Now that’s a name I haven’t heard before, but damn, the pair of them sure live comfortably.  Wish I lived there, all the big beefy sausage a guy could eat, who wouldn’t …

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Cannot let this one get away

Mariano Gomez at BoyzParty
I do love a sexy Nineteen Year Old Jock, like Mariano.
Helps too when they are cute, and playful, just like this tasty little number is.  I mean the way he’s cooling off, has me rather hot under the collar.  
Yes, he is Uncut too, and like Goompa, looking at the other photographs …

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Foreskin Friday | Prime Australian Beef

More Tasty Australian Foreskin at Fantastic Foreskin
They do have some HOT blonds Down Under, but James is in LA.   How convenient !
Hey Blonds are kind of hot, and that shaggy hair with his long chiseled facial features makes him absolutely desirable.  Course the real draw is that long thick uncut cock of his.
Heck, just look …

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