Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Special Blind Meat

There are many names, used to describe a penis, which has its foreskin intact. Some call it “The Natural Look” and is one that is becoming more common, as old myths regarding the foreskin are being debunked.  One of those myths was that it led to increased sexual desire, and so religious purists believed in removing the foreskin, to contain a man’s sexual cravings.

Here at Hooded Wonders, we believe that NATURE is what counts, and that Men are naturally sexual, so why alter what was created by powers greater than us?

Bel Ami boys BEL AMI BOYS

[ Get the Scoop on Your Bel Ami Favorite ]

Adam (at Bel Ami Online)

Ariel (at Bel Ami Online )  *Ariel was the first model for the head honcho at Bel Ami.  **He was used in the ad campaign, launching Freshman magazine.

Jasper Adams (at Bel Ami Online)

Hans Adler (at Bel Ami Online) *May not be a poster boy for Bel Ami, unless you talking about giant cocks.  ** You can see him in “Out At Last 3 – Cocktails

Jas Aiken (at Bel Ami Online)

Troy Allen (on Hooded Wonders*Now this one, inspired a few short stories at Gaystoryman Fiction.

 Josh Elliot (on Hooded Wonders) *This sexy blond has one of the sexiest looks I’ve seen.  Despite no longer appearing in front of the camera, Josh is still one of my favorite inspirations for stories.

Trevor Yates (on Hooded Wonders) *One of the five Bel Ami men who have what we’d call “monster sized cock” with the bonus of it being Uncut. Plus he loves to show it off. 

Luke Hamill (on Hooded Wonders)  *A valued assistant to George, Luke is also taking on more behind the scenes responsibilities such as helping to oversee the production schedule. Still, he is also popular in front of the camera.

Keanu Faria  (on Hooded Wonders)   * Unlike many, Keanu didn’t get into the porn business just for the money, which does make him unique. Course his adorable face, nice body & personality also makes him rather special.

Liam Phoenix  ( on Hooded Wonder )  * He may not have made it big time at Bel Ami, but he helped inspire an original adult story.  I mean come on, he is hot looking, blond, uncut, and sexy. How can that not inspire a story?

Paul Mekas ( on Hooded Wonders )  *  Now this is one hung Bel Ami boy.  Over 8 inches of tasty uncut meat, but more than that, he’s kind of cute. I like his expressions, and the look he gives, plus he is supposed to be  submissive.

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