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Josh Elliot

wearing a towel

Bel Ami's Josh Elliot

Josh is one of my personal favorites.

I think when I first saw him in a video, it was almost love at first sight. Seems it was for many others, too. 

[ Such as in Personal Trainers 11 ]

No doubt at all that he was a popular model, and he is still popular. Though his days of appearing in Bel Ami releases are gone, he is still there, but behind the cameras.

You may know him for the unique blond hair cut and that “puppy dog” look with those deep brown eyes of his.

I mean come on, that look is so damn cute, and HOT!

Course there is a lot more to Josh Elliot than that, or his nice thick 7.5 inch dick.

For example, did you know he has a degree in Logistics & Transportation Systems? Oh, he has a Master’s Degree too!   In other words he isn’t just a pretty face, but a damn smart one too!

For his first few years, he was a totally hot bottom, but then he became a TOP, as well, and well, damn he would be good in any position. I mean seriously, both the Wife & I, have had some nice fantasies of being with this sexy man.

Myself, I like his look before he convinced George to let him cut it. It just made that ‘puppy dog‘ look so damn hot, and sexy.

You can check out some pictures from the video, with Josh Elliot & Sascha Chaykin

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You can check out some of his performance credits here at Bel Ami Models.

Course, you could always go check out the videos in Bel Ami Video on Demand, too.

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