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Liam Phoenix

sexy uncut blond twink


What can I say, but that I am a sucker for blonds.

Seeing his update, even inspired a story, that you can read online here.

Liam is a hottie, and they say that George ( the big honcho at Bel Ami ) figured that Liam would be one of his superstars.  Yet, for some reason, he never became one.

Can’t figure out why, I mean the guy is hot, and he’s got a nice penis. Nearly 7 inches, if you do the conversion right, from cm to in. 

Eye color: Brown
Height: 185   (  6ft 1in )
Weight: 80   ( 176lbs )
Hair color: Blond
Zodiac: Libra
Dick type: Thick
Dick size: 17.5    ( 6.9 inches )

Seemed he was in several dvds as well, which should have gotten him a following.

According to the info on him, he had a bit of trouble keeping a stiffy, when using a condom. Now that might be a problem, if he was a top, but seemed he much preferred to take it up the ass, than ram it in.  So that couldn’t have been the problem.

What’s interesting is that he was introduced by Tim Hamilton. Seems they were friends, and hey, seems that Liam’s real life brother is also on Bel Ami. 

So where is he now?  Well, he’s gone and gotten himself a girlfriend. Uh, hmm, what do you say to that?  Maybe that’s why he really had problems getting a hard-on?  Course, could simply be that he’s bi-sexual?

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