Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Trevor Yates

hung bel ami boyTrevor Yates is a popular Bel Ami model, thanks to that big uncut dick of his.

Guess even Bel Ami boys are Size Queens at heart. After all, Trevor does sport an impressive uncut dick of  just over 9 inches. (23cm)

This green eyed, light brown haired cutie was discovered after he’d done a few shoots for well known porn producer William Higgins.

Long cocks are one thing, but Trevor’s winkie is also a fat sucker.

Best news is that Trevor is Bi-Sexual, so the fantasy of having him do ya, is more real, than not.

He is a Virgo, if that makes any difference, plus he is Versatile. I guess that means he’ll take it, as well as dish it out.

He also likes to ‘go commando’  because even soft, that monster dick of his can be uncomfortable when confined by undies.  Hey, it’s what he told them.

His Bel Ami Movie Credits are :  Winter Heat, Some Like it Big 2, Pin Ups – Oversized, Night Out, Graffitti, XL Files – Part 5, Too Many Boys 2, Some Like It Big, Watching Porn, Taboo, Skin on Skin, The Private Life of  Ralph Woods.


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