Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Troy Allen

curly haired stud

Bel Ami's Troy Allen

 I do rather like his curly locks.

Did you know, that Bel Ami considered cutting the hair, but thought better of it?


According to Bel Ami, not only was Troy a fan favorite, but was a treat to work with, as his climaxes seemed endless.  I mean you could drown from the spunk this guy could seem to spew, or so it seemed.

He left modelling, as he found his MR. RIGHT, but unlike many, he didn’t just cut and run. He actually gave a year’s notice, so that all the projects featuring him, could be finished.

One of those Projects was the video PIN UPS.  You can also see him on Bel Ami PPV here.

Troy is a blue eyed blond, and for those who follow it, he is an Aquarius

Too bad he’s left, because he knew how to take the big one’s. like Trevor Yate’s big dick.

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