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Sascha is still damn hot

Sascha Chaykin from Bel Ami Online
Sascha has been around for a little at Bel Ami and you know, he’s still damn hot in my eyes.
I love his well built body and come on, like most Bel Ami boys, he’s got a lovely uncut Penis.
What amazes me about these young men is how they are so …

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Phillipe Gaudin is One Lucky SOB

Jaco Van Sant Bio
I am not waiting till Friday to post this one.  Last time I waited, those assholes Goompa & Seymourour scooped me.
Fabio was mine, and somehow they both grabbed the pack and posted about it.   So this time, I am not waiting for Foreskin Friday, but gonna show off Jaco Van Sant, before …

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