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Finding a Third

Fuck, I wish some hot stud like Adam Archuleta would come knocking on my door, wanting me to join him and his fuck buddy in a threesome.
Honestly, I do, but given how butt ugly I am, I guess I’ll just have to settle with dreaming about it.
Thankfully I do have a good imagination, and can …

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Damn He’s Gotten Better Looking

Billy Cotton grows on a guy, but that Adam Archuleta certainly has toned up quite a bit since I last saw any pictures of him. I mean he’s really toned his body up and no longer has that puffy look to him.  It even looks like he’s grown a bit taller.
More importantly, that new svelte …

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Cotton Good Time

Billy is not what I’d call a typical Bel Ami twink. I mean he’s got a bit of a rough look to him, with the two toned hair, the short cropped side & yet, I dunno, he has an air about him, that makes you think he’d be fun.
Least that is how Jack takes it, …

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