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Foreskin Friday | Prime Australian Beef

More Tasty Australian Foreskin at Fantastic Foreskin
They do have some HOT blonds Down Under, but James is in LA.   How convenient !
Hey Blonds are kind of hot, and that shaggy hair with his long chiseled facial features makes him absolutely desirable.  Course the real draw is that long thick uncut cock of his.
Heck, just look …

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Jaco Van Sant | Enticing Blond Twink

I love foreskin, but I love a guy who can make me want to see his foreskin.   Like really, would you want to check out a guy’s dick if he looked like yesterdays Breakfast?  lol
My biggest gripe about Bel Ami boys, is that they are all good looking, and are uncut, but there is one …

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I do love a good Pin Up collection

Back when I was a teenager, I loved those posters you’d get in the various fan magazines. Hell you still can I think, but damn, I ain’t spending $6 or more for one or two posters.  Certainly not when I can blow up a picture from my collection of sexy guys, like Jack Harrer.

I know …

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These Blonds Make My Day TERRIFFIC

Other than Johan, I think Josh Elliot was one of the first Bel Ami hunks that truly got me hooked on Bel Ami boys.  It wasn’t just that he was blond, or had a nice big thick uncut dick, but was how he was on camera. 
It was like he was always having fun.

Then Luke Hamill …

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Cum Facial for Frosted Tip Hottie

There is something about a guy, who frosts the tips of his hair, and is skinny but uncut.
Can’t put my finger on it, other than they usually are sexy as all fuck.  Think that could be it? LOL

Admit it, the streaked hair kind of gets your attention, don’t it?  Yeah, yeah, I know so does …

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