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Foreskin Friday | Andre and Harris

More of Harris Fucking Andre
There is always something fresh to learn, about my adorable Bel Ami boys.
Take Harris Hilton for example. He is the Top in this latest episode which include my honey Andre Boleyn.
I always thought Harris was a bottom bitch, but it turns out, he just likes to have sex. He’ll do Top …

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Just Dive On In

Not only are Bel Ami boys handsome, but they love to treat their visitors right. Like Dolph Lambert who takes his two Yankee visitors ( Mick Lovell and Alex Waters ) to the local water park, then back to his place, for some bonding.
I do like young men that are polite, don’t you?
Besides, once you …

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Such A Tasty Uncut Penis

You know, I do love a nice uncut penis, and frankly I can get off on just enjoying that beautiful piece of manhood.  However, when the person it is attached to, is drop dead gorgeous, it just makes jerking off all that much more enjoyable.   Like this lovely piece of meat, that belongs to Justin …

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Damn He’s Gotten Better Looking

Billy Cotton grows on a guy, but that Adam Archuleta certainly has toned up quite a bit since I last saw any pictures of him. I mean he’s really toned his body up and no longer has that puffy look to him.  It even looks like he’s grown a bit taller.
More importantly, that new svelte …

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Someone Has a Hairy Asshole

Now can you guess which one of these has a super hairy butt?    Think it is the more rough looking dude with all those Tattoos, or is it that round faced innocent looking one to the left?
I mean both of them are rather smooth looking, so until you go down a bit further, ain’t no …

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