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Finding a Third

Fuck, I wish some hot stud like Adam Archuleta would come knocking on my door, wanting me to join him and his fuck buddy in a threesome.
Honestly, I do, but given how butt ugly I am, I guess I’ll just have to settle with dreaming about it.
Thankfully I do have a good imagination, and can …

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The Illusion of Sweet Innocence

There is something pure and innocent, when you see two men sleeping, all draped in a backdrop of white.
Kind of brings out the Romantic in me, and yet, knowing that one of those sleeping beauties is Adam Archuleta, you’d think for certain I wouldn’t be thinking of innocence.
After all, he isn’t a Kinky Angel for …

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Cannot let this one get away

Mariano Gomez at BoyzParty
I do love a sexy Nineteen Year Old Jock, like Mariano.
Helps too when they are cute, and playful, just like this tasty little number is.  I mean the way he’s cooling off, has me rather hot under the collar.  
Yes, he is Uncut too, and like Goompa, looking at the other photographs …

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Nice Cum Shot | Dario and Sascha

I have to say, I love the cum shots that come in my promo packs.
Nothing is left to chance, each precious drop of that tasty seed is captured, and you know, it really does insure a good orgasm, for yours truly.
Okay, I can be a bit of a Size Queen at times, but I swear, …

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Now Those Are Beefy Guys | Foreskin Friday

What better place to find lots of tasty foreskin, than with some Bel Ami boys?
Like Brady Jensen and Jean Daniel Chagall, for example.   I mean not only are they uncut, but damn, they work out a lot, and it shows.
Don’t they look wholesome?
Course looks are deceiving, and these two seem a perfect match for each …

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