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Such Lovely Foreskin

I wish that other sites, featuring Uncut Cocks, would pay more attention to the foreskin.  Even my favorite Bel Ami doesn’t really show a lot of foreskin fun, before the hot sex begins.  A shame really, because part of the whole fantasy is being able to start at the beginning.
Myself, I love the way foreskin …

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Forget the Glasses, Check Out that Foreskin

Foreskin isn’t just for protecting the penis, but for adding to a guy’s foreplay fun.  Hey, come on, who doesn’t like playing with that loose fold of skin, watching that pink cock head slowly get pushed up and out?
Hey, just think of the fun as you poke your own finger in, and rub, lightly, over …

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Ex Twink and His Lovely Uncut Winkie

Add a bit more strawberry color to those pubic hairs, and I’d swear the wife was doing porn.  Okay, not quite. I mean the wife has a bit more of a belly happening, but damn that cock looks pretty close to his.
And I will pay for divulging that too, lol
Still, Jake Lyons is kind of still cute, though a …

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It Is A Triple Play of Sexy Rising Stars

Personally, I would join Bel Ami Online just to see these three studs.  I am totally smitten with Jack Harrer, Kevin Warhol, & Andre Boleyn.  ( Actually, don’t even get me started on that sexy stud  Andre. I’d never shut up, as he is a masterpiece. ) 
Thing is, this past Christmas is the first time these three were paired …

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Foreskin Slurping Trio

Spa Excess Performance
Sam and Jordano are eager to play with Martin, well more with his tasty uncut dick, and the audience can’t wait either.
After all, a good live show has to get the audience interested, and what better way than to have a couple of horny hard bodied men performing on stage.
Muscled & covered in …

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