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Foreskin Friday | Prime Australian Beef

More Tasty Australian Foreskin at Fantastic Foreskin
They do have some HOT blonds Down Under, but James is in LA.   How convenient !
Hey Blonds are kind of hot, and that shaggy hair with his long chiseled facial features makes him absolutely desirable.  Course the real draw is that long thick uncut cock of his.
Heck, just look …

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Cam is Cute, Hairy Ass and All

Meet Cam Fox at Squirtz
Ah a sweet and innocent young lamb, ready to be devoured by us old farts.  LOL
Cam Fox is this lovely young man’s name, and they are right, he does kind of look like what I’d call an All Canadian Male.
Course, he also has a very nice body, to go with that …

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A Beautiful Uncut Penis

Doesn’t that just say it all?
I mean for us who love a tasty uncut cock, Robert Chalmers certainly knows how to feed our needs. Soon as I opened this package, my hand was off reaching for the lube bottle.   No shit, the pictures of Cole Mathews uncut penis would burn out my pacemaker, if I …

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Pin Up Boys | Jason and Thomas

A blast from the past, mixed with today’s new breed, always gives me the chills.
After all, if they were hot back then, the magic is still gonna have me reaching for the Lube and you know, Jason Paradis is one of those, that has me quivering a little.
Mix in some photo’s of Thomas Wolf and …

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It is so Wrinkled | Double Delight

YEAH !   It is Foreskin Friday, and okay, I am late in the day but hey, check out Sebastian & then Max, and you will know why I am a bit late in posting today.
Hey, they aren’t the perfect looking guys, but you know, they got what it takes…  FORESKIN!
First up is Sebastian, and …

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