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Hairy Legs but Such a Nice Penis

Now this nineteen year old hottie has what I’d call a lovely looking sausage.  Honestly, check out that tube he’s got between the legs.  That lovely foreskin hiding what you just know is gonna be a beautiful cockhead.
Plus, he’s got a rather nice dusting of hair all over those firm legs.  I mean pretty good …

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Lean, Unshaved, and Uncut

No, not what I typically find attractive, or mention here, but damn, he’s got that sort of rough look that somehow captures my imagination.   His name is Matt and well, damn just look at that body, that hint of what is behind those faded blue jeans.  
Tell me that doesn’t sort of get you licking your …

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Kieron and Ethan in Paradise or Not

So the latest release from Fantastic Foreskin, features Kieron and Ethan. Not my favorites but hey, supposedly they are everyone else’s.  In a weird way, there are a couple of photos, that kind of tug at the old imagination, but not what I’d call an overwhelming tug.

I have to admit, that does kind of make …

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A Twink That Will Haunt Your Sex Fantasies

That look just gets me reaching for the lube.  Honestly, that long hair, that look on his face, just makes me weak at the knees. 
To me, Jesse is a perfect twink, that just clicks. I mean from the firm looking body, to the multi colored underwear, he is a total package for me. 
Just staring at him, as he gets …

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If It Wasn’t for the Lip Piercing

Such a sexy look, but for me, those piercings rather ruin the sweet innocent look.  Course if you are looking for a rough boy type look, I suppose it’ll work.
Personally, I like my twinks to look innocent, & sweet. Makes the more sensual poses look more real, and more intense.  Also, piercings seem to take away from …

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