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Gabriel’s Foreskin Docked | Foreskin Friday

Okay so Gabriel isn’t what I’d call a Twink, though he is twenty one.
I suppose it is because I am not into hairy guys, all that much. I do make exceptions, especially when they have a lovely uncut Penis.   I’d much rather that they had more foreskin than hair all over their body, but hey, …

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Hairy but such lovely foreskin

Don’t you just start to drool, when you see a nice soft pink cockhead, surrounded by curls of skin? 
Honestly, doesn’t it give you a bit of hitch in your heart, knowing that you can do more than just suck on a throbbing cock?  After all, isn’t it the chase that makes the hunt such fun? …

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Lets Play Ball with his please

Ya know, screw with playing ball, let’s just get down on the knees and worship at the Shrine of Uncut Penis.  
Hey, so I am in a goofy mood, who cares as long as there is a nice tasty uncut cock in the offerring, right?

Okay so he’s no twink, but damn he is well built, and …

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Enjoying the Sun, the Pool, and His Foreskin

I don’t which of the two photographs above, are more enticing.  I mean fuck, that one under the cascading water, is well, got me glassy eyed.
And the humor of the one with the sign on his cock, I mean come on, that has to bring a bit of a chuckle to you, not to mention …

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