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Foreskin Friday | Andre and Harris

More of Harris Fucking Andre
There is always something fresh to learn, about my adorable Bel Ami boys.
Take Harris Hilton for example. He is the Top in this latest episode which include my honey Andre Boleyn.
I always thought Harris was a bottom bitch, but it turns out, he just likes to have sex. He’ll do Top …

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Foreskin Friday | It Started on the Beach

I wish Summer would get here soon.
Nothing like sitting back on a nice sunny day, the water lapping at the shore, and sexy young shirtless men in shorts, running across the sand.
It just makes me sigh, wishing I was young enough to attract a hot young partner, and we could go strolling across the sandy …

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Let’s Vacation Together

Cape Town is beautiful, but then, anywhere that has some horny Bel Ami boys is gonna be beautiful.
I’d certainly book a vacation with these two hunks, Harris Hilton & Julien Hussey.  Gotta admit though, Julien just isn’t quite what I am into, but Harris, well that’s a different story.
He’s gotten a bit leaner, and yet, …

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They Are Getting Buffer | Harris and Dolph

The Pin Up series is something I look forward to.
Okay I’ll admit it, I am a fan of Bel Ami boys, but then, why the fuck not?
These guys are hot, plus they are far from being boring.
Way too many porn sites show the same action, in the same boring set. Least with Bel Ami you …

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