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Foreskin Friday | Jack and Roger

Comparing Uncut Cocks | Jack Harrer and Roger Lambert
What is better than two uncut cocks?
Why Two GIANT SIZED uncut cocks, like the lovely penises from Jack Harrer and Roger Lambert.
Hey, I love my Bel Ami boys, but I really do love a big pecker too, as long as it is uncut.
When Jack first showed up …

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Gourmet Cooking in the Bel Ami Kitchen

I do love a bit of morning fun in the kitchen, unlike Seymour, I love having someone to get rid of my morning wood.  After all, isn’t Breakfast the most important meal of the day?  LOL
Now I don’t know if these two horny Bel Ami boys are there in the morning or afternoon, but …

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I do love a good Pin Up collection

Back when I was a teenager, I loved those posters you’d get in the various fan magazines. Hell you still can I think, but damn, I ain’t spending $6 or more for one or two posters.  Certainly not when I can blow up a picture from my collection of sexy guys, like Jack Harrer.

I know …

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Two Tasty Uncut Cocks

Hey, nothing like a bit of a change up, now is there? LOL
And don’t you just adore Jack Harrer and Val Horner?  Like check out those tasty uncut pieces of meat they both seem to have.  Like this is no David and Goliath, but more like Goliath and Goliath.



There is something special about these Bel …

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Hung Andre and Ariel without Condoms

Yep, I do like these Kinky Angels from Bel Ami.  The NEW BREED are certainly carrying on the tradition of Bel Ami boys.   Like one of my favorites, Andre Boleyn.
He’s got such a nice look to him, to go with that sexy body and oh so lovely uncut monster dick of his. Like that is really …

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