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Gabriel’s Foreskin Docked | Foreskin Friday

Okay so Gabriel isn’t what I’d call a Twink, though he is twenty one.
I suppose it is because I am not into hairy guys, all that much. I do make exceptions, especially when they have a lovely uncut Penis.   I’d much rather that they had more foreskin than hair all over their body, but hey, …

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It is so Wrinkled | Double Delight

YEAH !   It is Foreskin Friday, and okay, I am late in the day but hey, check out Sebastian & then Max, and you will know why I am a bit late in posting today.
Hey, they aren’t the perfect looking guys, but you know, they got what it takes…  FORESKIN!
First up is Sebastian, and …

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Freddy Comes In For A Docking

Latino Freddy Vega hasn’t ever docked before, so why not give it a whirl?  After all, they say its quite a turn on, to have another man’s penis covered by your foreskin. ( I gotta try that with the other half, sounds like fun.)
The docking Station

Opening the Docking Hatch

Docking Contact

Care to see the final docking …

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Gabriel and his wrapped burrito

You have to love the photography of Robert Chalmers.
I mean look at that lovely uncut penis, at the drooping foreskin over the cock head. I mean you can see the wrinkles in the skin, as it droops, just at the bottom of that cock.
Can’t you just see yourself licking your lips, as you stare at …

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Latin Jock works his uncut cock to a frenzy

Now this is better, a sexy young Latino, in his white undies, ready to bust a nut.  Naturally he’s uncut, and if you look, he does have a rather nice looking penis.
Kind of a forceful jock type, don’t you think?
The way he’s grabbed hold of his hard tool, despite the undies?  Kind of enjoy seeing a …

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