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He looks like a Lifeguard

This is what a fantasy can be built on, a sexy hunk with a tasty uncut penis.
His name is Joey, and honestly he just looks like a natural born Lifeguard.  I mean in those orange briefs of his, that muscular build, is exactly how I envision a lifeguard to be.    Wonder if he moonlights as …

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Are They Twinks or Something More

The more I look at the updates from Bel Ami, the more conflicted I become, because I refer to them as Twinks and honestly, they really just don’t seem to fit that description.
Yes, I like them, but can I call them Twinks?
To me the word “Twinks” conjures up some skinny pimply faced eighteen to twenty …

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I’d rather pin him on my bed, not the wall

Early this month, Bel Ami put out another of their famous “pin ups” and ya know, at first I wasn’t overly excited by Val Feretti.  But he’s kind of grown on me.
Taking a closer look at his pictures, he is a typical Bel Ami boy. I mean he’s got a nice body to him, not …

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He Looks Like A Ted

Sometimes, the name chosen for a porn model, just suits him. I mean like Ted here.
His slightly buzzed cut hair, full face and thick body, just sort of suits the name “Ted”, don’t you think?
Mind you, he reminds me more of some college jock. Perhaps a fullback or even a strong safety.  It is the eyes, …

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Not the Most Popular but Damn He Is Sexy

Guess the folks at Bel Ami expected more from Liam, but seems us perverts weren’t all that thrilled.  Don’t know why, I mean he certainly gets my motor running a bit hot. 
Like that body is hot. Trim, defined, and the muscles look yummy.  I mean, wouldn’t you want to be wrapped around those arms, or kissing …

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