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Foreskin Friday | It Started on the Beach

I wish Summer would get here soon.
Nothing like sitting back on a nice sunny day, the water lapping at the shore, and sexy young shirtless men in shorts, running across the sand.
It just makes me sigh, wishing I was young enough to attract a hot young partner, and we could go strolling across the sandy …

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Making Out among the Trees

I am a sucker for hot young guys, who do it outside.
Add in a nice fat juicy uncut cock, lots of sun, and I am ready to rub one out.
Hey, I love seeing something natural, like sex among twinks, done outside, in Nature.   I mean it just adds so much to my fantasy dreams, that …

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Time to Start Going Hiking

Outdoor Sex Is A Thrill 
IF I had known, when a twink, that going hiking with friends, could lead to this kind of outdoor sex, well, needless to say,  I WOULD BE SKINNY TODAY.
Maybe that’s why the wife is so skinny? He does enjoy going for hikes, and even camping out too.  Hmmm, time to start tagging …

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Playing on the Beach

Tide Out & Dick Out
Something about a sexy looking twink, perched up on a huge piece of driftwood, and the water glistening off to the side, that is erotic as fuck.
Seriously, just looking at Jaymz sitting there, nude, with his stiff uncut dick looking like a miniature flag pole, is well, making me a bit weak …

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Morning Whiz and Boner

Doesn’t everyone need to take a piss first thing? 
After last night, there is no shyness with these two, as they head out of the tent for a nature call.  And you just know it won’t end there.
I mean what else is common first thing in the morning, but stiff dicks and night grunge. Which …

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