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The Illusion of Sweet Innocence

There is something pure and innocent, when you see two men sleeping, all draped in a backdrop of white.
Kind of brings out the Romantic in me, and yet, knowing that one of those sleeping beauties is Adam Archuleta, you’d think for certain I wouldn’t be thinking of innocence.
After all, he isn’t a Kinky Angel for …

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Holiday Butt Ramming | Uncut Stuffing

You know what happens when you party too much?
You get behind in checking emails with new releases.  Somehow I missed this one from the guys at Blake Mason.  Reece Ryder and Freddie White.

I kind of like the holidays.
To begin with, sites change the damn settings, which in this case, is a huge plus.  I get …

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Josh Elliot and Marc Vidal Unseen Footage



I don’t know why they never released this before, but damn these two are still some of my favorite Bel Ami boys.  Least blond Josh Elliot certainly can get my motor going, anytime.
I love his look, the way he can stare at you and actually make you believe he is looking at you, which isn’t …

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