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I do love a good Pin Up collection

Back when I was a teenager, I loved those posters you’d get in the various fan magazines. Hell you still can I think, but damn, I ain’t spending $6 or more for one or two posters.  Certainly not when I can blow up a picture from my collection of sexy guys, like Jack Harrer.

I know …

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Full Lipped Daniel Hagen and His Dick

That is what I call a sexy brunette.  Love those full lips of his, and the short hair actually suits him.
I know, I like my long haired dudes, but hell, the wife got his shaved, and it was kind of sexy. Maybe it’s made me look a bit harder at the rest of the details, than …

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Ex Twink and His Lovely Uncut Winkie

Add a bit more strawberry color to those pubic hairs, and I’d swear the wife was doing porn.  Okay, not quite. I mean the wife has a bit more of a belly happening, but damn that cock looks pretty close to his.
And I will pay for divulging that too, lol
Still, Jake Lyons is kind of still cute, though a …

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Another Casting Couch Charmer

When it is Bel Ami, it fucking doesn’t take me long to start thinking of a new story.  It also doesn’t take me long to strip down and pull out my winkie, for a bit of willie whacking (Hey, it’s what the wife calls it) fun. 
I Want to be the Casting Couch 

Bel Ami Online  has …

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Master of Masturbation

Another Uncut Whopper
Xtra Inches presents Jack Jefferson, in a hot jerk off solo video.  One that is going to have some people wanting to lick their screen after they see him work that rather large piece of wood, that he sports.
There is something erotic about a str8 guy whacking his willie, while us guys watch …

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