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Now He Is Cute, Spike Hair and All

Frankly this is the whole problem with Porn today. It just isn’t consistent enough in the type of guys they showcase.  I mean Blake Mason has some awesome guys, and then it has the likes of Max Moore and Trey Mathews.  David Johnson is one of those awesome types, and for a hip dude, he’s …

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Straight Bad Boy for the right Price

Calvin has that bad boy look to him, and he knows it.
Straight and 21, this hunk is willing to allow you the pleasure of touching him, of tasting his uncut beauty, IF you got the right amount of cash.
He loves to make you squirm, as he isn’t into guys, but he is into making some …

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Straight, Cute, Faithfull, and Uncut

There are times, when I wish this blog had more room to show the full sized photo. Seriously, to see these high resolution pictures, in full size, is unbelievable.  ( why I’ve added a gallery below, that you can click to see the full sized image )
I mean, he is such a cutie, has a look, that …

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Straight Jock Jacking

8 Inches of All Man
He’s just 18 & has finished studying Sports Science, works out 4 times a week in the gym, and unfortunately is as straight as they come.    [such a damn shame, that]


Bit nervous at first, this straight dude gets comfortable rather quickly, in making his soft dick cum to life.  Boy does it ever come …

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Montreal Straight Leito

Straight Wank!
Leito is straight, 100%
He’s into kickboxing, baseball, & ultimate fighting, and it don’t get any more straight, than that, does it?   Uh, well… YEP!
Plus he does indeed have a nice hairy hole, to go with his other fine attributes.


Mind you, that uncut dick of his is rather tasty looking. Goes great with that fine face, …

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