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Now cooking in the kitchen, hot uncut men

I have way too many glass dishes and pots, to even think about doing one of my dates in the kitchen.  Besides, my counters are rather small, and not as smooth as what Dominic and Tony have.   I mean I’ve fucked on granite before, marble too, and I gotta say, it’s rather slippery.  Damn cold …

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Paint Ball Soldiers Victory Party

Came across this update, and I thought, fuck, how did I miss Jan Tierson?
Like was I off in some outer space world or something? He’s gorgeous, and has that certain look, that gets my mouth watering.
After all, he is a Bel Ami boy.
And damn, I love the paint ball get up. All that butch look with those …

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Super Twinky Suckers

Twinks are noted for many things, like being constantly horny.
Course they are also known for their voracious appetite  for sucking cock.
Never met a twink, who didn’t love to suck, and suck, and suck and…  you get the idea.
They Do More Than Suck Cock 

BoyzParty  has provided these images of uncut beauties.

Thankfully, they are also known for having an insatiable …

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17 Inches of Prime Grade A Beef

Watch Out For The Back Swing
I’ve seen some thick & big dicks, but that Mario’s 9 inch uncut cock  is huge looking.  I bet it is just as impressive looking, up close and personal. 
I mean you gotta love cocks that look massive, even when they aren’t fully hard yet.
Course that semi erect state doesn’t last …

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Foreskin Slurping Trio

Spa Excess Performance
Sam and Jordano are eager to play with Martin, well more with his tasty uncut dick, and the audience can’t wait either.
After all, a good live show has to get the audience interested, and what better way than to have a couple of horny hard bodied men performing on stage.
Muscled & covered in …

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