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Nice Thick Penis | Scott Alexander

Now that is a look I enjoy.
You can see the five o’clock shadow on that jaw, the way his lips are set, with a slight curl to them, and damn, those eyes just seem to bore right through a guy.  I mean even that necklace around that lovely throat just adds to his Sexuality.
I do …

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It is so Wrinkled | Double Delight

YEAH !   It is Foreskin Friday, and okay, I am late in the day but hey, check out Sebastian & then Max, and you will know why I am a bit late in posting today.
Hey, they aren’t the perfect looking guys, but you know, they got what it takes…  FORESKIN!
First up is Sebastian, and …

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Someone Has a Hairy Asshole

Now can you guess which one of these has a super hairy butt?    Think it is the more rough looking dude with all those Tattoos, or is it that round faced innocent looking one to the left?
I mean both of them are rather smooth looking, so until you go down a bit further, ain’t no …

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Cotton Good Time

Billy is not what I’d call a typical Bel Ami twink. I mean he’s got a bit of a rough look to him, with the two toned hair, the short cropped side & yet, I dunno, he has an air about him, that makes you think he’d be fun.
Least that is how Jack takes it, …

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You Gotta Check Out 19yr Michal

A Face I Could Wake Up To 
Man I do love his French accent.  It is so damn alluring, as is the rest of Michal.  I mean shit, look at his face.  Tell me that isn’t adorable?  I dare ya!  
The instant I saw that look, the old noggin got to thinking about a story, centered around this sexy nineteen …

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