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Pin Up Boys David and Denis

This is what I love about Bel Ami.  They don’t limit themselves to just the standard Jock type of guy.
I mean come on, David Coogan (on your left) is certainly not a jock type.  He is my kind of typical twink.
On the other hand, Denis Carter (on your right) is more of the All American …

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Are They Twinks or Something More

The more I look at the updates from Bel Ami, the more conflicted I become, because I refer to them as Twinks and honestly, they really just don’t seem to fit that description.
Yes, I like them, but can I call them Twinks?
To me the word “Twinks” conjures up some skinny pimply faced eighteen to twenty …

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Hairy but such lovely foreskin

Don’t you just start to drool, when you see a nice soft pink cockhead, surrounded by curls of skin? 
Honestly, doesn’t it give you a bit of hitch in your heart, knowing that you can do more than just suck on a throbbing cock?  After all, isn’t it the chase that makes the hunt such fun? …

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Mark Dalton Goes Hunting, Bel Ami style

What can you say, other than YIPPEE !
Bel Ami has added another duo to its all star lineup, which suits me just fine.
First off, there is Mark Dalton who has quite a nice beefy uncut dick, and for this episode, they paired him up with newcomer Sam Hunting.  ( now did you get the play on word …

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Curiosity Got Them Into A Three Way

To live in the land of Bel Ami would have to be Heaven.  I mean to walk down the street, see a hot guy in his balcony, drop your friend’s pants to show off his semi hard uncut dick, and in response…   the guy on the balcony drops his jeans, to show off a thick uncut cock.
I mean …

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