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That is an Ass worth Fucking

Meet Robbie Lee Jones
Seymour is gonna be pissed for me snagging this photo set before him, but fuck him. He stole my Fabio so fair is fair.
This is Robbie Lee Jones from BoyFun and damn, he’s got a nice looking ass, don’t you think?
Oh don’t get your shit in a knot, of course he’s got …

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What makes him so damn desirable

It seems this little hottie has a few of my friends drooling the second they see his name in a release email.   Personally, I can understand being smitten by him, because he is damn cute.  Exactly the type I do enjoy, and you know, he is the total package, when it comes to dream material.
Now …

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They Don’t Look Thirty | Switch Up

A slight change up, because Men Over 30 isn’t dedicated to Uncut Cocks, but damn, I like the lovely uncut one in this set, so wtf, why not share it with everyone?  After all, it is the appreciation of a nice uncut willie, that matters.
For clarity, Lucas Knowles is from Praque, and he’s got the …

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Fresh Squeezed OJ and Cock

I have heard of covering yourself in Chocolate, or even Peanut Butter, but in freshly squeezed Orange Juice?  That is a new one for me, but damn, it does look rather sexy.
Now it does help if the guy is rather cute, and Micael Bisik is kind of cute.  I’d like to see him in longer …

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Long haired, uncut, and damn sexy looking

Just staring at him, has me stiff as a fucking steel rod.
I mean I adore men with nice flowing long hair, and a long muscled body.  Even that tattoo doesn’t disappoint me, and look at those nice long legs of his.  Can’t you just imagine them wrapped around your body?
Perhaps I should start making my …

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