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Pin Up Boys | Jason and Thomas

A blast from the past, mixed with today’s new breed, always gives me the chills.
After all, if they were hot back then, the magic is still gonna have me reaching for the Lube and you know, Jason Paradis is one of those, that has me quivering a little.
Mix in some photo’s of Thomas Wolf and …

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Let’s Vacation Together

Cape Town is beautiful, but then, anywhere that has some horny Bel Ami boys is gonna be beautiful.
I’d certainly book a vacation with these two hunks, Harris Hilton & Julien Hussey.  Gotta admit though, Julien just isn’t quite what I am into, but Harris, well that’s a different story.
He’s gotten a bit leaner, and yet, …

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Damn He’s Gotten Better Looking

Billy Cotton grows on a guy, but that Adam Archuleta certainly has toned up quite a bit since I last saw any pictures of him. I mean he’s really toned his body up and no longer has that puffy look to him.  It even looks like he’s grown a bit taller.
More importantly, that new svelte …

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Flip Flop Sucking and Fucking

The story goes like this, these two guys ( Max and Trey ) got the hots for each other.  Now that does make sense, they aren’t what I’d throw back into the pond, if you know what I mean.  Honestly, they are keepers.

All right, I’ll recant that.  if they weren’t both uncut, and good at …

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Unwrapping Some Tasty Polish Sausage

I wonder if Robert is living in a Polish section of town?  He sure seems to feature a fair number of Polish men, which is interesting.  I mean they have such nice uncut dicks, and oodles of lovely stretchable foreskin, that it just can’t help but get a guy a bit heated up.  
Like Thom …

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