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He is cute in those white undies | Foreskin Friday

I love the photography, the way Bel Ami will use different shades, to highlight their Pin Up models.
Like newcomer Leo Simpson.
I mean that shade of pink just has me focused right on that handsome young man, and his lithe body.  Course I love the way his head is tilted, how his mouth is open in …

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Cam is Cute, Hairy Ass and All

Meet Cam Fox at Squirtz
Ah a sweet and innocent young lamb, ready to be devoured by us old farts.  LOL
Cam Fox is this lovely young man’s name, and they are right, he does kind of look like what I’d call an All Canadian Male.
Course, he also has a very nice body, to go with that …

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I Love Spurting Cum

Jim Collins and Gaelan Binoche
Okay, call it a quirk if you want, but I fucking enjoying watching a guy blow his load.  Especially if he’s cute and his jizz spurts out, not dribbles.
I love flying cum.
And yes, I do try to catch it with my mouth wide open.  I love the taste of cum too, …

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A Storm Has Blown In

I love Foreskin Friday.
And I love it when the guy is so hot looking like Leo Storm.
But what truly has me all heated, is that it is from Fantastic Foreskin.  Like this guy knows how to concentrate on what matters…    That Lovely Foreskin.
Hey, I love Bel Ami, and some of the others, but if I …

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Jaco Van Sant | Enticing Blond Twink

I love foreskin, but I love a guy who can make me want to see his foreskin.   Like really, would you want to check out a guy’s dick if he looked like yesterdays Breakfast?  lol
My biggest gripe about Bel Ami boys, is that they are all good looking, and are uncut, but there is one …

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